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North East Edinburgh LOOPs Community Navigation Project

Pilmeny Development Project

North East LOOP members identified a range of needs within North East Edinburgh – specifically around the key themes of:

  • Information
  • Communication
  • Outreach/Support

In particular, local service providers in the North East LOOP are concerned about the needs of older people who are isolated and experiencing difficulties getting out into the community. This is often due to access difficulties getting to and from their properties, physical and mental health problems, loss of confidence or lack of knowledge of what’s available locally.

We aim to build on this existing infrastructures by increasing the availability and visibility of information, improve communication between the community and local services and move the point of contact for at-risk older people to their homes.

The North East LOOP Project is delivered by two Community Development Workers and a team of volunteers who establish an information channel between socially isolated older people and carers living in North East Edinburgh.

Download the North East Community Navigator information card

Image of North East information card

For further information please contact:

Mary O Connell or Margaretann Farquharson

0131 553 2559

The North East Edinburgh LOOPs Community Navigation Projects is a LOOPs Project delivered by Pilmeny Development Project. Pilmeny Development Project is a company limited by guarantee number SC188129 and is a registered Scottish Charity number SC002549.

Local Opportunities for Older People is a joint initiative funded by City of Edinburgh Council’s Health and Social Care Dept.