Local Opportunities for Older People (LOOP)

Are you an older person in Edinburgh? Looking for things to do? Do you work with Edinburgh’s older people, or are a carer? 

If you are looking for activities and events for an older person in Edinburgh, then the Local Opportunities for Older People, or LOOPs Projects might be of use to you.

The four Local Opportunities for Older People (LOOPs) projects are here to support people over the age of 65 to:

  • Link in with the local community
  • Find ways to enjoy time with other people
  • Discover what is happening nearby
  • Searching for something new to learn or do

Depending on where you live there are different projects in your area. Find out more by following the links below:

North East Edinburgh: North East Community Navigation Project

South West Edinburgh: South West Edinburgh Community Navigator

North West: North West Community Navigator Project – Facebook Community

South EastSouth East Edinburgh LOOPs Project


Not sure what area you live in?

North East Edinburgh Post Codes

  • EH1 3AA – EH1 3YX & EH5 3AA – EH8 8PE

South West Edinburgh Post Codes

  • EH3 8AA – EH3 9YX, EH9 1AF – EH9 2TB, EH10 4AA – EH11 2TW, EH13 9AA – EH13 9QX
  • EH11 3AA – EH11 4SW, EH13 0AA – EH13 0RQ & EH14 1AF – EH14 7NN

North West Edinburgh Post Codes

  • EH2 1AF – EH3 7U, EH4 1AA – EH4 5ZZ, EH5 1AA – EH5 2PW
  • EH4 6AA – EH4 8ZZ, EH12 0AA – EH12 9LH & EH27 – EH30 9YQ

South East Edinburgh Post Codes

  • EH1 1AN – EH1 2RX, EH8 9AA – EH8 9XQ, EH9 3AA – EH9 3JF
  • EH15 1AF – EH17 8UU, EH21 8QS – EH21 8SQ & EH22 1RT


Local Opportunities for Older People is a joint initiative funded by City of Edinburgh Council’s Health and Social Care Dept. The overall initiative is delivered by Pilmeny Development Project and Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations’ Council and the LOOPs projects are delivered by Health In Mind, Eric Liddell Centre, Libertus, Pilton Equalities Project, Pilmeny Development Project and Volunteer Edinburgh.